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Sierra Leone Entertainment: Majid Michael, Pascal Amafor to host conference of worship

Succeeding to reaching at the top is different from continuing to stay at the top. In Sierra Leone filming was at the pinnacle of her heydays in terms of artistic status in West Africa. Great movies were released week in, week out therein; new but talented actors were introduced swimmingly and the Cinema was not only seen as a rendezvous for entertainment but also perceived as a beacon of enlightenment to many Sierra Leoneans. So sad to say that this came like a flash of fortune as this treasure is no more a measure of a pleasure to the proverbial Sierra Leoneans who were using their time of leisure to enjoy the pleasures contained in Sierra Leone’s splendid local movies. Instead, the sarcasm, “SALONE FILM NOR FINE” is almost a cliche and a reigning truism to the Sierra Leonean populace. Then why is it so? But should I even ask when I know without an iota of doubt that Filmmakers know the reason for our cinematic issues and industrial struggles?  However, this is no blame game time. We just need to go to the drawing board by PUTTING GOD FIRST IN OUR CINEMATIC PURSUIT. Mind you, the Churches played a great role in the Nigerian industry by sponsoring plethora of quality movies in their gospel-campaign drive that provided the sling that flung the Nigerian industry to the apex of its greatness. Today, Nigeria is a giant nation in terms of filming in the world. It is therefore in this regard that two noble entities established by Sierra Leoneans in Ghana thought of replicating that Nigeria Success Formula in Sierra Leone by bringing three great African celebrated cinematic Personalities in the persons of Majid Michael, Timothee Bentum, and Pascal Amanfor in a Conference of Worship, Faith, Hope, and progress. The conference is schedule to take place at the Lion of Judah Ministries, Freetown on the 11th and 12th of May.

Friday May 3, 2019.

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