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Sierra Leone News: 1st Africell winner of Le100m

Africell Mobile Company has rewarded a lucky subscriber in the ongoing 2019 Africell Ramandan Show. Samuel John, a businessman, won Le100 million last week and other Africell subscribers were also fortunate to win other prizes. John said he was just incredibly lucky. He went on to say he deals in used clothing along Cabialot in Freetown. He thanked the management of Africell for its generosity, adding that for a very long time he has been yearning to win from the previous Africell Ramandan shows. He went on to allay the fears of Sierra Leoneans that the ‘Africell Ramandan Show’ is fair and transparent and he therefore encouraged Africell subscribers to continue to participate in all Africell promotions because they stand to benefit. An Africell subscriber can be part of the ‘Africell Ramandan Show’ by simply sending a blank message to 777 or by calling 777 for just Le650 and it would be sent back to the Africell subscriber and it is only valid for one day. Furthermore, for every message that the Africell subscriber sends to 777 or calls 777 will automatically have two chances. Subscribers have an opportunity to win data, onnet credit and other cash prizes. The show is aired on AYV TV, AfriRadio and other major radio stations throughout the country on Mondays to Fridays starting at 9pm to 10pm.


Tuesday May 14, 2019.

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