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Sierra Leone News: Civil Registration Authority to issue biometric ID cards

NCRA Mohamed Massaquoi 2

The Managing Director of the National Civil Registration Authority, Mohamed Massaquoi, has disclosed that Sierra Leone is on advance stage in terms of civil registration and vital statistics, on Wednesday 15 May 2019. Massaquoi said plans are on going to ensure the distribution of biometric identification cards for Sierra Leoneans. The procurement process to enable confirmation of details collected during registration, Massaquoi said, is already at an advanced stage, which will soon lead to the distribution of the cards.  Massaquoi said they are trying to develop a comprehensive civil registration and vital statistics are in line with the United Nations recommendations. In line with the UN’s recommendation on CRVS, Massaquoi stated, the NCRA together with relevant institutions embarked on data collection on areas of civil registration and vital statistics across the country. He said the data is being assembled and a final report will be prepared. The final report is supposed to enhance the development of a strategic plan to guide vital statistics. Massaquoi noted that such systems will ensure the holistic delivery of social services and promote democratic good governance. A well-functioning civil registration and vital statistics system are crucial for creating inclusive societies, ensuring proper delivery of public services and realizing and protecting basic human rights. A proper civil registration system ensures the registration of all vital events including births, marriages and deaths and issues relevant certificates as proof of such registration.


By Sylvia Villa

Thursday May 16, 2019.

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