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Sierra Leone News: EWRC presents draft regulations to boost water, electricity utilities

The Director General of the Sierra Leone Electricity and Water Regulatory Company (SLEWRC), Emmanuel Mannah, has presented 16 draft regulations to both the Minister of Energy and the Minister of Water Resources. Mannah explained that it is important that these regulations are thoroughly examined and speedily handed over to the Minister of Justice. The draft regulations captured input and comments for Sierra Leoneans after a nationwide consultancy.  The draft regulations have policy recommendations that range from production to consumption of these utilities. The Ministry of Energy Permanent Secretary, Morie Momoh, said that these are documents that they have worked together to review, develop and actually translate into a legal document.  The PS explained that on a daily basis we see letters of interest from interested parties, interested companies, private institutions wanting to work with us in the private sector. One of the most important questions they ask is about the safety of their investments, whether the environment is ripe enough for private sector participation.  The Minister of Energy and Power, Kanja Sesay, said, “The sector, as it is right now, can benefit from these regulations.”  While, the Minister of Water Resources, Jonathan Tengbeh, said, “We hope that within a very short period of time we would be able to supply water through pipes so that we can drink in confidence.” He also noted that these regulations would help attract foreign direct investment in these utilities.


By Ophaniel Gooding

Friday May 17, 2019.


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