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Sierra Leone News: Pan African culture group preaches peace and unity

The Messengers of the Messages is a Pan African group from South Africa. In collaboration with the African Achievers Award – Sierra Leone chapter, on Thursday 16 May 2019, have called for peace and unity in Sierra Leone. They had a press conference at the SLAJ Headquarters on Campbell Street to send the message of unity and peace through performing arts and culture. Presently, there is political tension amongst Sierra Leoneans. The chair of the program, Alex Bangura, said art is an essential way of communicating, which can influence huge numbers of people. He underscored that Africa is endowed with a lot of resources, but most of its leaders are undermining its wealth. “Our conduct is also significant to maintain the fragile peace we have and we should promote the true culture of Africa, as a way to maintain such a peace.” The Country Director of African Achievers Award, Abdul Wahab Bangura, said since the formation of the organization by a Nigerian lawyer in 2010, they have organized nine successive awards with the recent one hosted a week ago. He said the essence of such an award is to honour great Africans, who have contributed immensely toward the advancement of Africa in the area of peace, unity and development.  The Founder and Artistic Director of Messengers of the Messages, Prince H. Malatsi, said his team is comprised of three princesses; Princess Adjoba Nyaniba from Ghana, Princess Stella Aichia Sagnon from Burkina Faso and Princess Keirath Zato from Benin. He said they want to spread the message of peace, unity, reconciliation, forgiveness, tolerance cooperation, cultural exchange and African integration across the African continent. He underscored, “As Africans we need to be united to achieve our goals.” The Prince said they have been training youth in Africa for the past nine years, preaching to them about peace, unity and for them to embrace the African culture.


By Mohamed J. Bah

Friday May 17, 2019.

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