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Sierra Leone News: With almost 50% completion… Yiffin, Krutor towns will soon avoid harmock bridges-Assures Hon Daniel B. Koroma

Honourable Daniel Brima Koroma, (APC) Constituency 046, Koinadugu district, says the Bagbe Bridge is an initiative declared by Paramount Chief Foday Alimamy Umaro Jalloh III of Nieni Chiefdom in 2015 in the interest of development. “Our motivation is to put an end to the persistent use of ‘harmock’ bridge construction in that part of the country that can be accessed using patch bridges to cross a river of about 80 meters long and also allow the free flow of traffic,” he said. He disclosed that their main aim is to particularly create access for Ambulance that in most cases stop at one side of the river waiting for the people to risk crossing the river with the patient through the Harmock bridge which again is accessible only during the dry season. The bridge crossing is particularly hazardous for pregnant women, who most often deliver their babies on the road. “During the raining season people will have to wait for days for the water level to reduce for them to cross the river.”  The MP said they launched Operation ‘One Man One Bag of Cement for all tax payers in the chiefdom’, and it was widely accepted by the residents who submitted their contributions making the start of the project possible. There were also contributions from abroad, including friends and well wishers and granite, sand, timber and sticks were provided by the local people on a freley including their labour. “Two more pillars are needed and each of them requires 250bags of cement, 3 tons of iron rods plus transport cost, “he said, expressing thanks and appreciation to those who in diverse ways have contributed towards the success of the project. Edward Marrah a native of the Chiefdom agreed that the project is community led and it has been championed by the people, disclosing so many well meaning Sierra Leoneans have contributed to the project. Quite recently the newly appointed Deputy Minister of Justice Umaru Napoleon Koroma also got involved in the construction of the bridge as his father came from the other side of the river which is Krutor town. Nieni Chiefdom has a population of over 60,000.

By Alhaji Manika Kamara

Thursday May 16, 2019.

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