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Sierra Leone News: Bomaru residents remember 23rd March 1991

Bomaru residents still remember the first gunshot fired in their village 28-years ago and 23rd March remains a solemn day in their memories. Chief Jusu Kosia Kutubu said, “We cannot forget what happened to us as some of us were fortunate to be alive till today because we had to hide in the forest for days.” He said Bomaru will never be forgotten but they are rebuilding their village as now they have been connected by Orange and they hope to get other facilities that will make them live a better life. He said all of the houses in the village are recently built as older homes were destroyed in the war. The Chief said they have primary and secondary schools and all the supplies of free education materials were received. Chief Kosia Kutuba said the village is relatively quiet as most of the youths are farming and going to school. Cacao is the major product in the village and also producing timber is another source of income. On the issue of rape and early marriage, most of the youths and pupils said on Tuesday Ministry of Social Welfare officials were in Bomaru to talk to them on these issues. They said they will adhere to the laws passed by the government and they are happy because they want their sisters to get an education because women can help develop the country.  Chief Kosia Kutubu said they are very close to Liberia as Bomaru is two miles from the border and they do not have to cross water to get to Liberia. He said they have common understanding with the people of Liberia and they trade and farm.


Monday March 11, 2019.