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Sierra Leone News: UNDP certifies over 200 graduate interns

One hundred and sixteen young men and 93 young women received certificates from the Youth Commission and the United Nation’s Development Program (UNDP), after completing four months of internship at a variety of public and private institutions. The graduate internship project was developed by the UNDP in 2012 to prepare university and college graduates for careers. The internship program was designed to provide job experience to graduates. It was discovered, in 2011, graduates lacked the appropriate skills to apply and get jobs. Graduates lacked communications skills, writing skills and job experience. Jenneh Abu a graduate in Business Administration and Mohamed Sesay a graduate in law, and waiting to attend law school recalled how painful it is after going through University and having to go scouting for job. Abu added that her work experience at the Rainbo Centre has further increased her level of confidence to be able to handle issues on her own and to work as a team. Making a statement, UNDP’s Country Director, Samuel Doe, explained that the graduate internship program is demand driven, noting that government’s priority is education for development. Doe said the program was designed to train and prepare young people to be better employees. The graduate project will continue to be a major component of YEEP and align with the National Youth Service (NYS). He commended employers who have demonstrated willingness to absorb some of the interns who were placed in their various institutions. “Keep excelling to narrow the gap in the job market, and make the work place environment, a better place to compete with growing global trends”. NAYCOM’s Commissioner, Ngolo Katta informed the young graduates that the internship project is a comprehensive employment strategy designed by the UNDP and the Government to prepare graduates to become employable. “The Commission and the World Bank are also discussing on how to develop an ICT data base of all graduate interns, where possible employers can search for employees.


By Ade Campbell

Monday March 18, 2019.